Round Brush Blow-dry Hair

Round Brushing

  • Step 1

    Apply recommend products to damp hair.

    Remember, your palms are reservoir and your fingers are you applicators.

  • Step 2

    Stage your hair for round brushing.

    Attach the concentrator to the end of the blow dryer to focus the air, then set it to remove water from the hair. Direct your concentrator so the hair blows with the cuticle layer of the hair. Use your fingers or vent brush to move the air around.

    For those cowlicks in the front, use a comb or brush to move the hair back and forth, like an “X”. Place the concentrator very close to your scalp to direct the hair.

    Continue until the hair is 90% dry.

  • Step 3

    Now, it’s time to round brush.

    Use your clip to separate the hair. Starting at the bottom, separate your hair into 1-inch sections then work your way up. For a smooth finish, angle the concentrator so that the air skirts the hair on the brush.

    *Remember, hot hair is like wet paint … Don’t touch!

    For Maximum volume:
    As your reach the hair section at the top of your head, move the hair up and away from the scalp.

    For a sleeker style:
    Keep the brush and blow dryer as close to the head as possible as you work through your sections.

  • Step 4

    Grab your recommended finishing products to complete your look!