Beauty Tips & Tricks

  • 08

    Ashley’s Skin Care Routine

    Hi everyone! Thank you for peeking into my very FIRST blog post! I would like to start by saying my skin type is combination/dry with occasional stress and hormonal...

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  • 04

    Round Brush Blow-dry Hair

    Round Brushing Step 1 Apply recommend products to damp hair. Remember, your palms are reservoir and your fingers are you applicators. Step 2 Stage your hair for round brushing....

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  • 03

    5 Ways to Make Hair Look Gorgeous

    There are many ways to make your hair look great, using hair products, blow your hair dry upside down, use styling tools, buy the right brush based on your...

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  • 02

    Hot Tool Tips For Hair

    Tips to Style Your Hair With Hot Tools Tip 1 Remember, your hair must be 100% dry before you use your hot tools. Tip 2 Always use a heat...

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